Saturday, June 20, 2015

*REVIEW* Grace's Travel Case & Bracelet for Girls

We love The Suitcase!!!!!!!!!!!  

It is so detailed. Great colors that won't show dirt. Great quality. We have only one wish, that is was bigger so that Hope Faith could pack one outfit and a pair of PJ's for a overnight stay and that is not possible with this case.

 It is best used for Grace goodies, it would hold all of her clothes, shoes and goodies ......... The only down side we found besides the size is that the zippers are stiff and difficult to open. So I have to help My 5 year old with opening. 

Next on the list, is the Bracelet next month.

On Hope Faith's wish list!!! The Paris bracelet. Claudia, the AG Manager let Hope test it out. Now we both want it!

 It looked great on Hope Faith and the AG Manager Claudia. Hard to leave it!!!! So when we go back it has to be to get us both one.  The quality is incredible. The box it comes in is pretty too!!!!!


  1. Cute! I would like to buy the charm bracelet .... But it might take me a whole year to earn 60 dollars! :)

  2. I want to get the charm bracelet too. Does anyone know if it's sterling silver? I love all the little charms! Cuteness Overload! I want to buy it next month if AG has free shipping because I have a $10 off any purchase of $50 or more coupon for July.

    1. It is not sterling which makes it horribly overpriced. It is silverplate.

  3. I won't buy the charm bracelet, as I am not one for jewelry, but I like the idea. I am sooo tempted to buy the travel case for Grace's clothing, but can't bring myself to pay that price for it. All, of course, happening just around the corner of the summer releases. I would rather save my money for the BeForever sets and Grace's pastries.