Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pioneer Wagon - Little House on the Prairie Life

Historical doll collectors and fans of LHOP are eager to see what the new collection has to offer from The Queen's Treasures launching this fall. On the prairie, families lived on homesteads where they grew their own herbs and vegetables, livestock and made their own clothes.

Sweet little Kirsten is going to show you a real life pioneer wagon from a prairie family, like hers. It has all the necessary equipment for traveling and much needed supplies brought back from the once a month trip into town. 

Travelers had to be prepared for any number of things. They could face dangerous situations from the elements and needed necessary supplies for repairs or an emergency camp out for the night.

Kirsten looks mighty happy with all of the supplies on this wagon: crackers, sugar, tea, coffee and soap to name a few.

Imagine no grocery stores near by. Goods had to be hauled by a wagon full of crates, tin canisters and barrels.

Fire wood, extra saddles, rope and lanterns were a must for traveling.

And the ride was BUMPY! Dirt and gravel roads, some with potholes others with large rocks or fallen branches. You didn't want to lose a wheel with a wagon full of goods!

You can VISIT the Ingall's Homestead in DeSmet, SD.

Watch the VIDEO on Laura's Living Prairie.


  1. This is one of my favorite posts on your blog!

    1. Thanks can watch Kirsten's video here:

  2. Enjoyed the video. Very interesting post.

  3. I love seeing dolls at real live/life places.
    Is there any hint that they might do a Beforever Kirsten?

  4. I loved both the LHOP show and the books! Makes me want to read them all over again....

  5. MY husband and I loved to watch Little House On The Prairie but we found out the books were so much more interesting!!!!