Sunday, June 7, 2015

*REVIEW* Snow Much Fun Set

Rina is LADL reporter for the AG Oshkosh Outlet in Wisconsin. The last time she was in store, she made note of the few Snow Much Fun Sets available. Because Rina knew I wanted this set, but missed out the last time he was on sale, she was sweet enough to send me this one from the outlet!!!!

This snowman is uber cute and lightweight. He glistens with an iridescent finish and is actually textured to look like formed snow balls.

He has a knitted hat and matching gloves with a yellow scarf that has elastic for a snug fit.

The little tree branch arms are rubbery and easy to pop in the arm holes.

The Winter Fun sign attaches into the hole at the base. Also included is the inflatable inner tube.

Crazy cute star buttons, a carrot nose, black eyes and matching smile - this snow man has blushing cheeks!

Thank you Rina - I adore this set and look forward to including it with my winter scene.


  1. Looks great! Was it on deep discount? Madelon

    1. Yes it was greatly discounted at $5 I couldn't believe it .

  2. Cute! Can the accessories fit on the dolls?

  3. Yes the hat , mittens and scarf all fit on the dolls .

  4. Might not have made it to the outlet had that set been closer to the slash price. You know they still made a small profit on it.

    Love this set and am glad Rina sent it to you. So very nice! :-)