Wednesday, June 3, 2015

*NEWS* Meet Oreo and Mr. Winston! Pets from A Girl for All Time

New pets just launched from A Girl for All Time.

A lovely Border Collie pet for Clementine and her brothers, Ernie and Ron, perfect for working on the farm or for spy work!
Ernie had rechristened the dog Oreo, after an American biscuit
which he said was black and white and tasted like heaven.

This adorable stuffed owl was a Christmas gift for Clementine's little brother, Ronnie. Having been evacuated to Darkevaine House in Devon just before the Blitz, they were feeling very homesick for their family in North London when a Christmas packet arrived, full of goodies...

In the boys’ parcels were sweaters knitted by Granny Harper, in a rainbow of saved wool, and a stuffed toy owl for Ronnie. He bit into its ear immediately, thrilled.
“He looks very wise,” said Clementine.
“He looks like Mr. Churchill!” said Ernie.
“I’m gonna call him Mr. Winston!” squealed Ronnie tucking him under his arm...

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