Saturday, June 27, 2015

*In Store Report* New Summer Releases - AGP NYC


We just stopped at AGPNYC to see the new releases and investigate the backpacks!  

The backpacks are $40 and have no pockets! They are a flimsy material. All of the new in store exclusives (backpack, purses, watches, etc.) are made by Fashion Angels not AG.

We did get Grace's bracelet for girls, all the new doll stuff for Grace, the pink puppy Grace shirt for girls (the green one hasn't come in yet). We also got the jewelery holder. I loved the travel case, but for $50, the size isn't practical!

My girls also picked out the shoulder purse, a journal and a watch for themselves!

The new Truly Me and Beforever sets are nice, but we held off on anything for today! Gotta make space!


  1. Thank you! Wondering about the quality of the beds. Bags seem not worth the branding.

  2. Love to see what is happening in New York City. The store windows were fun. Stopped in AGDc today to take a look around. Rebecca's bed looks the same, but a different color. Josefina's seemed fairly similar. Madelon

  3. My personal shopper informed me the Atlanta store won't be carrying the school supplies. After reading the reviews, I'm not nearly as disappointed.

  4. I like Kaya's new dress. Very pretty.