Saturday, June 27, 2015

*In Store Report* New Releases (Summer) - AGP Miami

Here are some pictures of the new items at the Miami AG store.  The back to school items for girls are in store limited items and the dolls do not have these items. They are really nice.  Addy's bedside set has a lamp that really turns on, but the store had not received any of Addy's items yet.

 These are a brand new line of items being trialed at certain AG stores to see how they sell.  So happens Miami is one of 4 stores, not even Orlando has them.   I talked to the manager and he was not sure of the others maybe Chicago,but for now it is at selective AG stores only.

Backpack, shoulder strap purse is really nice comes in two colors which match the watches, they are only $15, the watches are below, and next to the watches are a package of really neat socks (one size fits all, big enough for adults), also notebooks and packages of folders and notebooks on bottom shelf.

More backpacks in to styles, one for a computer, notebooks and pencil holders.

Modern cool watches they match the shoulder purses.

Very nice notebooks.

Julie's new Daisy Vanity set.

Halloween Frankenstein costume.

Crock pot set (my favorite).

Locker room can now be set up using various AG items including the new sports cage.

The science room can now also be set up using AG items including the new telescope set (also my favorite). 
Have a nice day!


  1. There are so many new sets/items I liked in this release. My favorite is also the crock pot set, and that will be coming home sooner or later for sure. Also like the telescope set, hot lunch and sports bench. I like this school desk better than the previous one, although it looks like it takes up more space, which is at a premium here. Rebecca's bedroom accessories, Addy's nightgown, some of the hats, and Grace's sightseeing outfit are also really nice. It's good to know Addy's lamp really lights up; that makes it more fun to use. Thanks Diana for the report.

  2. Are the in store only items available at all American Girl stores or does it vary by store?

    1. The back to school items for girls are only at very selective stores, but all the other doll items are at all the stores. Diana

  3. I like the new telescope set and after missing out on the microscope set, this one will be added to the wishlist. Other than that, I'll definitely get Kit's new pajamas and maybe Addy's. I didn't much like Rebecca's or Julie's and thought Josefina's was close enough to the previous one to probably skip.

  4. It's great to get different perspectives on the releases. There are quite a few things I want to put on my wish list. I hadn't seen the vanity before these posts on LADL. It looks cute but a bit too much plastic and too plasticy if that makes sense.