Friday, May 1, 2015

Where's Willow? Lake House (Day One)

This time it's my turn to take Willow on a special trip to the lake house. I'm sure you're curious as to who is going this time....
Grace, Ella, and Paige. (The boys will have their own separate adventure this summer.) 

It's not doubt Willow is an experienced professional traveler! And Grace is a world traveler, but they typically travel alone. This time they will travel in a group and bring back shared memories!

My dolls needed bags for their sunnies, toothbrushes and other things. $3.00 bags in chevron print and (my favorite) leopard.

It's suppose to be a beautiful 84-degrees and the dolls also needed swimsuits. 

I found these on etsy.

The girls brought their pets, roller skates and their dolls of course.


The girls make their way upstairs. 
"Can you believe that view?" Willow asks.

Grace says the girls have to split up into pairs. She will team up with Ella.

"You and I can share a room."

"Hey Willow, that means we are room mates!" 


  1. My grandparents have a lakehouse and I bring my Lanie doll there. I hope willow and her friends have a great time!

  2. Hope you and the girls have a good time! :-)

  3. Yay for their vacation!

  4. Looks so fun! I hope they have a great time!

    - Ellie