Friday, May 22, 2015

Where's Willow? Hawaii (Day Five)

The girls say their goodbyes and aloha. A hui hou. (Until we meet again)


I am excited to be going home to familiar places, but happy to have met new friends and visited a faraway place. I am packed now and ready to leave in a few minutes for my journey back to Texas. Auntie packed some things for me to do on the plane and some souvenirs. What a great time, I will always remember auntie, but like to think about the sea turtle and hula on the black sand beach with Alex and Luana.


  1. Oh, I love the beautiful background and the dolls look so lovely in their outfits. I especially love the dress with the matching hat. Where did you buy it? It is very striking with the summer setting. Now all I would need is Hawaii. How I wish I was one of George Clooney's relatives in Descendants right now.

  2. Auntie, thank you for hosting Willow. I hope you had as good a time with her as she seems to have had with you! Your pineapple picture reminds me of when my daughter went to Hawaii on her Senior trip. She brought home a case of pineapples and when we finished eating one, we planted it and was very surprised when it grew a little pineapple. It was so sweet!!!

  3. Wonderful day five. The setting and wardrobe are perfect!