Friday, May 1, 2015

*Review* OG Fun Day Sun Day and Having a Ball Swimsuits

 This is a comparison between the Fun Day Sun Day and the My Life As goggles. 

   These are the My Life As... Purple and Pink Eyewear.  

The goggles are just like my granddaughter's swim team goggles. 

 These are two Our Generation bathing suits.  The one that Julie (on the left) is wearing is called Fun Day Sun Day.  On the right, modeled by McKenna, is called Having A Ball.  Both have great accessories.

 The backs of the bathing suits.  Julies is a bit hard to get on because of the high back, however, that is one of the reasons I like it.  It covers up most of the neck strings. 

The shoes on the Fun Day Sun Day outfit don't fit AG dolls. I took wire cutters and cut the metal ring and replaced it with ribbon, but could also have used elastic.


I am all about recycling and repurposing.  Before I discard anything I try to figure out how I can use it.  The plastic packaging is always a source of inspiration!  Cutting around the plastic that encased the Our Generation goggles and hot gluing some elastic to the sides created another pair of goggles or science lab glasses.  

 You can cut some colored cellophane to make them darker like the original ones.  You can also use fun foam to go around the newly created goggles, making them similar to the original ones.  The sky's the limit!!!! 


  1. Great idea! Perfect for Julie on her birthday today! Madelon

  2. Great information--thanks!

    Also, your girls hair looks absolutely wonderful!

  3. Wow cute bathing suits! Sooooo wish I had the fun day sun day swim suit... ;(