Monday, May 4, 2015

*Review* A Girl For All Time - Amelia, Your Victorian Girl

I recently purchased Amelia and her collection from A Girl for All Time, eager to learn of her story and about those wonderful costumes! This month LADL will feature reviews of Amelia's entire collection.

Amelia is a Victorian girl age 12, living in London 1880.

Her meet outfit (school dress) has several pieces which include: A soft blue cotton bodice and skirt that is gathered in back, with a pinstripe underskirt and matching cuffs, tiny buttons and a yellow buttermilk tie. All of the clothing pieces have snap closures. The straw boater hat is also included.

Under Amelia's clothes is a cotton undershirt, a long half slip and pantelette bloomers.

Her two-tone Victorian boots Velcro at the inner ankle.

Amelia's hair is wavy and has a different texture than that of Matilda or Clementine. 

 Amelia's head pivots for photographing at different angles. She has subtle blushing on her cheeks and a darker lip tone. Her many-hued blue eyes are framed in long lashes. Her face sculpt is unique...every doll from A Girl for All Time has a different face sculpt. Amelia looks very English.

Here is a closer look at the dressmaker details on her Victorian costume.

Amelia's hair would be plaited for school, but left down for other functions. Only the older girls wore their hair up. 

Outstanding quality are found in every doll and their clothing from this high standard boutique brand.

There are many ways, other than Amelia's book, to get to know her and I especially love reading Amelia's blog.

There are individual sections for each doll on the A Girl for All Time website. You will find an excerpt from Amelia's Inheritance, Victorian fashion tips, hairstyles, and recipes too. My most favorite is the places to visit section, where you can learn about amazing architecture and history.


  1. Amelia is beautiful! :) Congrats!


  2. She is gorgeous!! I love her dresses!
    I had a question, where do you get their books? Do they come with the dolls or are they
    purchased separately?

    1. The books are sold separately. I bought mine from Amazon.

  3. Oh I love her! I can't wait to see her in all of those gorgeous outfits! She has my favorite face sculpt of all the AGFAT dolls. Her features are also so lovely, I absolutely love her hair!

  4. She kind of looks like Elsa from Frozen.