Friday, May 15, 2015

*Review* Amelia's Stage Costume

With layers of gauzy fabric, the skirt is trimmed with satin ribbons, braids and roses. The separate bodice and headband are detailed with gold and blue floral braid and cream roses. Tights and golden satin ballet pumps included.

In Amelia's story she is suddenly cast in a magical act at the Alhambra Theatre and Music Hall. After a successful performance she is outfitted for a stage costume. 

 Gertie, the seamstress, who ran up all the chorus girls’ costumes in the music hall, stood Amelia on a chair and gazed at her. She opened up her box of feathers and sequins and glittery lace and held up a gorgeous piece of sky blue tulle.
-Amelia's Inheritance

A lot of pieces come in this set. Each beautifully made.

 The head band has an elastic strap in back to help hold it on her head.

All of the gorgeous detailing that was put into the leotard alone is amazing! The cream rosettes are thematic in this ensemble.

All of the clothing pieces have snap closures. The only elastic found is in both the netted tights and the net under skirt/ crinoline.

Word of caution, the elastic in the waist of the netted tights were a bit of a struggle to get over her small hips, they did pull apart from the elastic, so be careful when sliding these on.

The colors are so pretty - all of the blue and gold really do look nice with her coloring!

Beautiful shoes with elastic gold cording finish off her costume with elegance. I love this outfit, it is a special piece and any doll collector young/old will love admiring it's prettiness when Amelia wears it.

You can see ALL of Amelia's collection in this


  1. She really is a beautiful doll. This is such a well made costume.