Saturday, May 9, 2015

*Review* Amelia's Party Dress

Made from pink taffeta-silk, this jacket and skirt outfit has mutton sleeves with lace trimmed collar and a detachable bustle trimmed in velvet with taffeta ruffles. Shoes and feathered walking hat are included.

 Amelia gazed at herself  in her pink silk party frock. She twirled about to see its frills and lace cuffs and bustle in the mirror.


Aunt Cora has this ensemble made specific for Amelia. There are six pieces included in this set. The bustle is detachable which allowed me to close the skirt. All of the clothing pieces have snap closures.

The pillbox hat is covered in lace and has the daintiest rosette and feather detail.

The cuffs of the sleeves are dreamy! Trimmed in lace and pink velvet!!!

The pearl buttons, high neck lace collar and lace tie are more of the dressmaker details this brand is known for.

Matching flats. 

Amelia looks so smart in this outfit. Like a proper English young lady. The blush color of the fabric really looks beautiful with her coloring.

Dressmaker details on the back of the garment as well. I love how the length of the jacket is shaped to go over the middle of the bustle. 

This is a must have! I am IN LOVE with it. I love pink and I think that THIS is the appropriate hue for the Victorian era. 
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  1. What a beautiful dress for Amelia. The color is perfect for her!

  2. It is definitely the perfect color, I think so far she is my favorite of all of the dolls they make.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! A Girl For All Time's quality and detail is amazing!

    hmm, I wish AG would pay attention to those correct Victorian hues... :(


  4. I heard Samantha outfits are from the WORRNG time period

  5. I want a dress like this for me to wear!