Thursday, May 28, 2015

*In Store Report* OG BOGO 40% + Review BBQ Set and LUAU Set

OG BOGO 40% sale at Target.

The shelves were not full, but there was enough stock compared to other sale days.

These price cuts are valid through June 20.

Here is a new Retro outfit I hadn't seen before, very cute called Get Spotted!

You can see the review for the Floral Invitation.

Dolls were on sale and I spotted these two while I was there.

 Linda bought both sets. The Barn Dance and BBQ set comes with a poster, one doll bandana, two hot dogs, three corn on the cobs, two bottles of soda, a basket of chicken, two plates, plastic tongs, a round BBQ grill, a harmonica, and a game of horseshoes.

 Love A Luau comes with a pink ukulele, two wicker plates, two shrimp kebabs, a hamburger, a pickle slice, one fruit basket, one pineapple, mango, watermelon slice, and a banana, one tropical fruit drink and one coconut drink, a party poster and a doll grass hula skirt.


  1. I will be on the lookout for those two sets! Madelon

  2. The barbecue grill is a must have - too cute!

  3. Love the retro dresses thanks for sharing , have to go check out my local Target tomorrow :)

  4. I was at one in yesterday in Nashvill . Did not see these!

  5. It takes a long time for our Targets to get new merchandise. Madelon

  6. I would love to have both of those sets, but I'll probably never find them, the Targets around here are always wiped out. :(

  7. Eeeek! Love both sets. I don't know if Mastermind Toys will carry them but I will keep my eyes out. Sooo cute! Thanks for the review!

    1. They are carrying them at Mastermind Toys in Canada. And what's more--they are having a buy 1, get the second 50% off sale right now. Dolls are all 20% off! too!

      Looks like they have only one of the new dolls out (looks like three new ones on the website) but all of the new spring/summer clothes.

  8. I saw Mint condition in Quakertown the other day and the dolls. Thank you for the info on the length of the sale. I will pass that along to another friend.

    Love, love, love the new BBQ and luau sets. I have to start making the rounds to different Targets in my area, see who has what. :)