Wednesday, May 13, 2015

*In Store Report* Doll Finds - Dollar Tree

You all know how much I love the Dollar Tree! You can find doll size items down the craft, toy and seasonal aisles. Here are some of what's in store.

All of my historical dolls have mini fruit from these packages. The fruit my dolls have are varied: red and green apples, pumpkins, lemons, pears and oranges.

If you need extra utensils, these hors d'oeuvre forks and spoons can work in a doll scene. They're a bit long, but can be used as serving forks and spoons.

Plastic shot cups can be used for making drinks. They come in clear, or tinted in pink, yellow, blue, red and green. 

Small 2"x3" picture frames in silver, brass and black can be used in dolls rooms.

 I have put dog pictures and mirrored scrapbook paper for table top mirrors.

For boy dolls - rubber balls in different colors and patterns are great for sports.

Julie has the basketball.

Samuel likes dinosaurs and has a couple he sets on his desk. These are great for 18" - 22" boy dolls.

My boys also have a collection of green army men.

You may have seen these used in my doll rooms. I like the faux wood grain for bedroom and living room floors, and marbleized looks for kitchens.

I love using these colorful kitchen hand towels as beach / pool towels.


  1. I hope to get some of those apples and beach towels. Thank you.

  2. I got our football and "jenga" from Dollar Tree. I have the mini cps in clear and a set of Solo brand too. :) (The Solo ones were more than $1 from the grocery store, but still affordable.) I have grabbed a few of the hand towels from the bath section as beach towels. The bath mats work well as room carpeting. :)

    1. I bought the Solo cups too but I think mine came from Wally World.

      These are perfect beach towels! Now I need more bathing suits...

  3. I too adore the $ store! Here in Canada we have Dollarama which is a superb place to find doll items. They have a great craft section too. I've also used the hand towels for beach towels.