Thursday, May 28, 2015

*FEATURE* NOLA Collection - Marie Grace and Cecile

Today is Cecile's birthday!

Read all of the news about the NOLA archival.


  1. I really liked the Nola collection , I was lucky enough to get the Parlor and the bed as well as Marie Grace , sadly I was not able to get Cecile before the retirement . I hope it dosent become a new trend that new released dolls get retired after just a few years . Looking forward to Maryellen and hope she will have a more permanent spot .

  2. I love the faces, especially the eyes, on MG and Cecile. The hair is pretty too.

  3. These dolls are so pretty, much prettier in person. The collection was amazing and I wish AG did more for their clothing line and accessories. A rocking chair, or a rocking horse would've been great for it would've gone with the story theme. Beautiful dolls with a great friendship story that we can be proud of.