Saturday, April 25, 2015

*Review* OG Having a Ball Swimsuit

Linda has a review for us.

There are six pieces: whale print swimsuit, beach towel, beach ball, sunglasses and pair of sandals.

I like this outfit, the swimsuit fits a little snug.

The shoes can be difficult to get over the heel of the foot.

The towel is too small and more like a hand towel than a beach towel.


  1. I'm glad to see someone was able to get those sandals on! I had to cut through the red part to get them on my dolls. It is a cute set though.

  2. I've learned if doll shoes are hard to get on, I use either end of a metal spoon as a shoe horn.

  3. For Christmas I received a retro swimsuit. It's very cute and everything was perfect.... except for the shoes! I couldn't get them on no matter how hard I tried. This swimsuit is very cute and you did a great review!