Wednesday, April 15, 2015

*Review* BeForever Addy

(Madelon's first Addy had visible stitching and white scalp in the wig's center part.)

Make sure you are satisfied with the wig, do not let the salesperson tell you they all come this way.

I went back this morning to exchange Addy because the visible white stitching really bothered me. I looked at the display Addys and most of them had less visible stitching. We looked at a few and I picked this one. If you have the opportunity to look at an Addy wig before purchasing the doll, it would be a good idea if you find the visible stitching to be annoying. I think many of the dolls will have this problem.

Yesterday's doll did not have plastic protection on her arms. I believe yesterday's doll was examined and rejected.

 She has a beautiful hairstyle and her face is lovely, although the face shape appears to have changed some. Nice color range to her hair. A bit of stitching is apparent, but not as bad as yesterday's doll.

Intricate hairstyle.

This photo shows her skin tone the most accurately.

I'm so glad I got her! The dress is beautiful. I recommend her highly.


  1. I have the same problem with my Julie doll. I bought her just the day before BeForever as I liked the original Julie outfit better. I took her back to the store last month but decided not to exchange her then as most of the Julie dolls had the same problem. The sales clerk said I could exchange her at any time, no problem.

  2. Addy is beautiful! Maybe one day I can add her to my collection!!

  3. Addy is SO georgous!!! I am saving up for her. Great review, and tips about her hair.

  4. Excuse me Rhonda, but I believe this is the new Truly Me outfit? It's at the bottom of the Doll Hospital page.
    Also, I KNOW that they have line brows currently, as mine has them, but these have feathered! I wonder if, if they are changing this, they'd replace my dolls' heads with a new Truly Me head? It's a long shot, but it'd be nice because I like feathered eyebrows better.

  5. I'm not a fan of a lot of the Beforever changes (I think Julie's previous outfit was WAY better) but I really think the changes made to Addy are wonderful. I love her complexion paired with the cobalt blue, and everything about her new meet outfit and accessories seem very tasteful. Thank you for this review, I too would love to have her in my collection.

  6. Addy has always been a beautiful doll. I hope they get the wig issues under control - with the price they are asking, precision is key.