Wednesday, April 1, 2015

*Opening* Julie's Floral Jumpsuit

I didn't notice this was still available until the spring sale launch. It wasn't on sale, but I had free shipping with this bundled order.

I thought my chances of adding this to Julie's collection had gone.

It's a knit jumpsuit not polyester.

I love how there's a real working zipper on the sweater.

The belt is thin so it won't pucker or weigh down the fabric.

The front of the legs have seams!!

This is a great retro outfit, I love it better than the majority of what is in Julie's BF collection, (currently).


  1. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    I have some of Julie's collection I bought used, but this was the first new clothing item I purchased when it was $24 from AG. It fits thinner Springfield Collection dolls perfectly. After reading some of the reviews on the AG website that it fits tightly on Julie, I will not put it on an AG dolls, for fear of stretching. How does yours fit on your AG Julie, Rhonda?

    1. No stretching when worn by my Julie. I love this outfit.

  2. I had an orange sweater just like that one when I was in my teens! Those big zippers were very popular. I also remember a burgundy plaid dress I had with the big zipper with the ring pull.

  3. I have this outfit and I love if. I didn't like it with her sandals so I bought a pair of tan clogs to go with it, I think it looks great on Julie. I'm very fond of this outfit because I had a sweater like it when I was young. I also wore jumpsuits with bell bottoma and clogs. It brings back great memories.

  4. Oh, those flat-felled front seams. I sewed a few of those jumpsuits as a youth. And I too had sweaters with front zipper with big ring pull. I don't plan to collect historical items but this might be something I buy just because it's so period-specific.

  5. Bell bottoms and jumpsuits were a very popular wear back in the 1970's. Even for guys.