Monday, April 13, 2015

*Opening* Addy's Summer Dress and Straw Hat

I purchased a Pleasant Company version of Addy's Summer Dress and Straw Hat. Unfortunately it didn't arrive in time for her birthday last week.

 It is not pictured in my 1994 Pleasant Company catalog. It was introduced 1994 then later retired 2014. It is associated with the book Addy Saves the Day. Originally cost $28.

The white cotton dress has a sweet flower print, soft pleated bodice, white collar and attached red belt. I paid $18 total. 

It's in mint condition.

The straw hat is soft, not stiff and surprising not very deep. There  is an attached black stretch cord that fits under the chin to hold it in place. I love the checked ribbon.

If you do not already own this summer dress, I recommend adding it to your collection. It's just beautiful.


  1. What a nice addition!

  2. Does AG still sell this? If not where did you get it? It would be a pretty spring dress for my doll Lanie.

  3. It is a beautiful outfit. I am impressed that it was available for 20 years!

  4. Such a pretty dress for Addy. A lot of people don't know that this is 1st edition dress be my dress has a flower attached between the collar and the 1st edition has a floral pinned. You can take it off. Either way great set.

  5. Such a stunning outfit! Addy looks lovely :)

    - Ellie