Wednesday, April 8, 2015

*In Store Report* VIDEO - OG Summer Sale

Stopped into Target today - BOTH stores - and found lots of summer sets.

Current SALE valid April 6 - June 20
Regular Outfits $12.99 ON SALE $10.99
Deluxe + Retro Outfits $17.99 ON SALE $14.99
Shoes/Boots and Accessories $6.99 ON SALE $5.99 

Each $5.99 SALE

Each $5.99 Sale

Regular Outfits $10.99 Sale



 Deluxe and Retro Outfits $14.99 Sale

Plenty more sets available too. See them on the 

I purchased two Deluxe sets and a pair of boots. 


  1. My target barely has any of this. ;( Those outfits are adorable!!!

  2. I know what I'm doing tomorrow.

  3. So cute..I can't get over how cute the retro outfits all are. :)

  4. I see a trip to Target in my not so distant future! Has anyone else noticed how cute some of the new shoes are? I got the Sweet Summer outfit a couple of weeks ago and the shoes fit my AG dolls beautifully.

  5. I prefer 1-piece swim suits for my dolls so will definitely look for this one. My Life As.. has a cute aqua one with a pink star but it only comes on a doll. The ones sold seperately are all 2-piece. Springfield has 2 1-piece suits and a tankini and I have all three. The top of the tankini covers the midriff which I like.

  6. I wish my Target had these!!!

  7. Rhonda, I love the Spring Into Ruffles outfit you bought!! Soooo cute! Hopefully, I can add that and the In A Flutter outfit to my collection....

  8. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    I really like the Gardening outfit and the swim set.

  9. I will be shopping at Target for my dolls. Maybe a little Christmas & BD gifts!

  10. These are great! I hadn't seen all of the new accessory sets yet, although I had spotted some of the new outfits on In fact, I saw some others too--a fishing outfit (, butterfly catching set ( and a scooter set ( I just hope Mastermind Toys in Canada carries some of these new items. I love the art and s'more sets! NEED!