Saturday, April 18, 2015

*In Store Report* My Life As....Spring Items (Canada)

I was in my local (Canadian!) Walmart the other day and decided to stop by the My Life As doll aisle. There were a few new outfits to add to the spring collection:

A bright pink and orange birthday outfit, including a tutu-trimmed twirl skirt, a tank top with an embellished cupcake on it, a mesh bolero and a matching cupcake headband.

A sparkly lilac party dress with ruffled sleeves and ribbons at the waist, with a matching tutu flower headband and silver ‘dancing’ slippers.

 A zebra printed nightgown in pink and lime, with a cute eyelash-printed sleep mask, terry cloth slippers, toothpaste and toothbrush (with handle to hold the brush).


An “IHeart2Dance” outfit including a printed grey tank top, fuchsia leggings with attached grey legwarmers, sheer purple dance skirt and fuchsia dance slippers.

I didn’t buy anything at the time, but I think I’ll go back and take a second look. I kind of love the dance outfit (my girls are dancers so anything dance-related is always a winner) and I love the colours and cupcake-design of the birthday outfit. And, I definitely need the nightgown for camping this summer! One of my girls has a pj set for her dolls, but the other one does not....


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