Sunday, March 22, 2015

Where's Willow? New Jersey (Day Three)


 Willow wanted to learn everything she could about running a Diner.  Matty showed her the back of the house and Willow enjoyed cooking bacon and eggs for the customers. Annabelle looked on as Willow and Matty cooked.

After Willow mastered the frying pan she moved on to the front of the house.  There she enjoyed serving customers breakfast.

Willow loves talking to all the folks coming into the Diner.

After all the customers left, Willow and Matty discussed the high points of the day.

Willow asked Matty about his bracelet.

Matty was eager to explain what it symbolized.  He also advised April is Autism Awareness Month.

 After a long day at the Diner, Willow sat by the fire and put her feet up.


  1. Relaxing after a good day's work is very rewarding.

  2. Cute story! I love the Autism Awareness bracelet for dolls!