Sunday, March 15, 2015

*Review* Play Wonder by Madame Alexander

Ashley sent in a review of her Play Wonder doll.

This is Layla. I got her from Amazon. Madame Alexander made her for Target starting in 2011. She's the only Play Wonder available for a decent price. The others are $80+. She comes with knit socks. She also comes with purple fingerless gloves. Her face makes her look older like a teenager.

Her meet outfit comes with a dress that's tie dyed on top with a flower print on the bottom. She comes with a snake skin print belt. She also comes with silver necklace that broke when I took it off of her. She wears a white zebra shirt that's really thin and the Velcro catches it some times. 

Her headband has a big bow that's made out of a material that my cat, who is 16 years old likes to chew on. 

Her boots look cheaply made and she can't stand in them, but they have held up since I bought her last year. 

She came with white underwear I don't have them anymore I replace all my doll underwear with Sophia's brand.  

Her feet have an arch like real feet. 

Her hands and feet are nicely molded. Her feet and hands both have matching nail polish. 

She's thinner than an American Girl doll. She can wear My Life As...clothes perfectly.


  1. Ashley, I , too, have a Playwonder doll. I got her at Goodwill for 99 cents. He was dirty, had real makeup smeared on her face, and her hair was tanlged. She cleaned up beautifully. Her hair is platinum blonde and she smells faintly of perfume, which I love. Of all my dolls she is my granddaughter's favorite.

  2. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    Her body looks a lot like the newer Adora Friends dolls. And yeah, she does look like a teenager.

  3. I made the previous anonymous post and forgot to sign my name. I agree, these dolls look more mature. My doll has a different face mold and her eyes are not as glamorous. Since I imagine my girls not to be more than 10 years old, I removed the blue paint on her finger and toe nails and styled her hair a little more simply. Both of these steps helped make her look younger. That being said, she is the most mature looking and so is the big sister of my doll family.