Saturday, March 21, 2015

*Review* Matilda's Night Dress and Cap

A charming white cotton night shift, trimmed with extravagant ruffles at hem, neck and wrists. Comes with a nightcap also finished with ruffled edges.

Very innocent and feminine looking with all of the ruffles. She is wearing her pantelettes underneath, but you can't see them through the opaque cotton fabric.

I braided her hair as was the common practice and the night cap fit perfectly.

The fabric is nice quality, not a sheer thin cotton, but one with weight and smooth texture. There are no closures. The elastic neckline makes for easy on and easy off.

 This outfit is mentioned in the first part of her story and is great to have. I'm currently working on making a Tudor bed because she will need a place to sleep.  

Even if you do not have Matilda, this A-line night dress would fit most 16"-18" dolls.


  1. I got this a few weeks ago, but still haven't opened it. I cannot wait to dress Matilda in it. Right now she's wearing her original outfit. I'm thinking of getting Felicity or Caroline's bed for her because I don't know where I can find any other beds for her time period. I'm also saving up for Amelia or Lydia. I cannot decide! Thanks for introducing your readers to this fantastic doll line.Once I have more time I plan on spending more time putting together my our doll room.

  2. I went to the website and the outfits and accessories for all the dolls are beautiful. I love the tea set especially!