Monday, March 2, 2015

*REVIEW* A Girl For All Time - Clementine, Your 1940's Girl

I am so excited to share Clementine with you! A Girl for All Time has quickly captured my interest. I love historical dolls and Clementine is 12 years old living in London during World War II in 1939. With the air raids in London, she and her two brothers are sent to rural Devon as evacuees where she meets Giselle, a German Jewish refugee.

Winner of  DOLLS Magazine Playdoll of the year 2014.

She wears a Prada inspired vintage Daisy print dress and adorable brown shoes. The clothes are beautifully designed and very well made. This is the quality I see lacking in many other doll lines. In dressing her I found the clothes were made intentionally to capture the time era. Her dress is a bit sheer and there is an attached lining/ slip underneath. 

Her clothing including the under shirt all have snap closures and her underpants have an elastic waist. In my opinion Velcro should not be found in historically accurate doll clothing. All of the best doll clothes from Germany and France had the same quality standards as Clementine's. Snap closures, real textiles (no poly-satin) and vintage silhouettes.

She is a very sturdy doll with such soft vinyl she is as smooth as porcelain. 

Her hair has been intentionally cut uneven as it pertains to her story, where her mum cuts her hair in an uneven choppy bob. Her heart shaped face pivots with ease which I love because it allows for more angles in photos. Her acrylic eyes do not close, but are framed in beautiful lashes. Her feathered brows match her hair color.

Clementine has a solid vinyl body, stands 16" tall and has articulated elbows and knees. Her knees are tightly strung and though they can bend, they snap right back into a straight position enabling her to stand very well.

Her upper body is a bit broader in appearance as opposed to her lower body, this helps her to balance. Her arms naturally fall into a graceful curved position. If you place her hands at her sides, they will hold. I love the pose-ability available with her articulated elbows. She is able to both straighten her arms and bend at the elbow allowing her to hold objects in the crook of her arm, which many other dolls can not do. 

She has subtle blushing on both her hands and feet as if her fair skin has been kissed by the sun.


Clementine has many poses to work with. She can extend her arms straight up by her head.

She can fold her hands gracefully. Her hands are so delicate and very detailed.

Her belt fits perfectly into the palm of her hands.

I was amazed to discover that she could hold her own shoes too.

Yes, Clementine can "dress" herself.

 She is able to hold small objects very well and the life-like detail of her hands is incredible!

Because I love the idea of a "world" aspect to a doll's collection, I would have loved a pair of tap shoes and maybe even a sack lunch for her travels to safety as an evacuee. Her book Clementine's Winter will be available this March.

She is no cookie cutter doll that's for sure! Clementine's features are distinctly English with her regal profile and pale complexion.

Other outfits included in her collection are her Land Girl "dungarees" Outfit and Land Girl Accessories, Party Dress and Petticoat and her Party Accessories.

Toy Fair NY 2014

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  1. Oh Rhonda! I love this doll! Looks like I will be saving up for one of my own. After viewing the website I really like Matilda and Amelia. Maybe I may want to get Lydia. Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful girls and pieces of art with all of us.

  2. She looks very darling! :)

    - Ellie

  3. Le sigh. Someday. (Love) Thx for the featurette.

  4. Clementine is my favorite from the Girl From All Time series. Great look and great fashions.

  5. She is lovely. I would like to add her to my collection someday! Madelon

  6. She looks like the older illustrations of Emily in the Molly books, before they changed the pictures to match the movie and the AG Emily doll. I plan to buy Clem so she can play Emily, and maybe Nellie as well.