Friday, March 6, 2015

*Review* Clementine's Land Girl Outfit

I already spoke about how well made the clothing is from A Girl for All Time. I received Clementine's Land Girl Outfit and accessories for review.

 The description calls her blouse red, I found it to be more of a mauve color. The blouse is beautifully made and has snap closures.

The denim dungarees have snap closures too. In the accessory pack there's a pair of work boots with real laces. I removed Clemmie's net socks from her meet outift. I would have liked a separate pair of socks that were more suitable for the work boots.

The polka dot head scarf is included.

The blouse is a perfect fit, the denim dungarees are thick and durable. They easily slide on.

The boots are a little larger than Clem's brown T-strap shoes, but they fit well.

Clementine looks ready and well prepared for her duties at Darke House in Devon. She and Giselle are enlisted by the village City Guides, training to help in the war effort. 

This is a must have key outfit from Clementine's story. Little brothers will like to join in play time with Clem dressed in this outfit. It's appealing to boys for "outdoor" play.

All opinions are my own, I am not paid to endorse any products.

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