Friday, March 13, 2015

*Review* BeForever Samantha's Outdoor Serving Set

Shelly has a review of Samantha's Outdoor Serving Set.

It is made out of wood and plastic so it has some weight to it. It's nicely made and very springtime looking. The colors on the cushion are really pretty.

I like how they made the tray come off of the cart so you can use it separately.

The wheels are plastic.

The chair is metal with a stiff cushion. I think it should have four ties in all four corners because the back rises up when you move the doll or lift her from the chair.

Samantha sets up her delicious breakfast!

I recommend this set!!


  1. Your pictures are lovely. The outdoor serving set looks great.

  2. Thanks for the review! I love the last two pictures.

    - Ellie

  3. Saw it today at the Houston store and it looks great!! Nice photos!!

  4. Thank you you all!! It is a very nice set and now I can use it with the gazebo I just received on Friday afternoon. Sam's cart set with the Gazebo is just gorgeous!!! I'll be doing an Easter scene with all of it soon: )