Monday, March 23, 2015

*Opening* Samantha's BeForever Special-Day Dress

I took advantage of the 20% spring sale + FREE shipping. This is my FAVORITE BeForever outfit for Samantha! Just gorgeous. The soft pleating in front and the spring time print make this a sweet girly outfit.

Berry colored patent leather Mary Jane's velcro on the side....cuteness!

Gorgeous large bow in the back.

Cotton dress embellished with pretty lace.

The headband was tricky, I had a difficult time getting all of her bangs in front because of the snug fit.

Nellie looks adorable in it as well. Stay close to see what else I bought.


  1. Such a cute outfit! I especially love the hat!!!

  2. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    And I love those shoes! Samantha and Nellie look pretty.

  3. This is my favorite new beforever release. I really want to get it!

  4. Do you think it will fit PC Samantha?

  5. This is my favorite BF Sam outfit too! I love the color of the dress, and the shoes are to die for!

    - Ellie

  6. Beautiful dress! I do like that color of the main dress and the lace is very pretty.Nellie looks fabulous in it paired with the hat.

    I took advantage of the sale too...still haven't received my order. The tracking info says it was delivered today, but I didn't see it earlier when I had stopped home - will have to check again.