Monday, March 16, 2015

*Opening* Review - Matilda, Your Tudor Girl

Did anyone take advantage of the exclusive LADL discount from A Girl for All Time? I ordered Matilda's entire collection!!

The box makes a beautiful presentation. The sturdy inner box slides inside the detailed outer sleeve. Inside Matilda's 20-page booklet details her collection, includes a family tree and excerpt from her book Matilda's Secret.

Matilda is the introductory doll that begins over 500 years of descendants including: Lydia - Your Georgian Girl, Amelia - Your Victorian Girl and Clementine - Your 1940's Girl. Matilda Marchmont has beautiful gray eyes with real upper lashes, feather brows, soft pink lips and long brown hair.

The packaging is unique to A Girl for All Time. The boxes are beautifully detailed and dolls are secured in tightly.

She wears a Tudor velveteen dress with deep fur lined sleeves and a claret kirtle.

The matching shoes are dainty.

Her silky hair is quite long and her head pivots for photographing at multiple angles.

Each layer of clothing has snap closures, the top is separate from the skirt.

The half slip helps to protect her shift and skin from the red of the kirtle.

Her undergarments consist of a sleeveless shift and pantelettes with netted socks.

Such gorgeously made costumes.

*Opening Video*

 Matilda Marchmont is a beauty!
Stay close, I will be reviewing all of her three outfits and book.


  1. She's gorgeous! :) I can't wait for the reviews! Congrats on getting her!!

    - Ellie

  2. She's a beauty, I got her and Lydia, they are my favourites. The box is well done, I use to store both doll and their clothes.

    1. Please email photos of your dolls! I would love to see.

  3. I love this entire line of dolls. We have multiples at my house. Matilda is my favorite, though. My daughter's favorite is Lydia. The pattern designer, Thimbles and Acorns (found on is the clothing designer for Lydia. If you like to sew, I highly recommend her patterns for the AGAT dolls.

    1. If you have any custom dresses, please email photos.

  4. I love this line of dolls and dream of sometime getting one. They are so pretty and photogenic. I read a comment once where someone didn't like that they looked surprised all the time - personally, I think the eyes on these dolls look less surprised than on some other dolls. Plus, of course, I love the historic detailing of each doll and her collection.