Monday, March 9, 2015

*Opening* Review - Designa-Friend BOY Doll - Hudson

In a previous post Saoirse in Ireland gave a review of Designa-Friends by Chad Valley from the UK. She was so kind to gift Hudson their boy doll to me! He arrived over the weekend and I love him! He reminds me of Andy Gibb!!!

 He arrives in this blue box wearing a NYC t-shirt, red skinny jeans and adorable sneakers.

He has rooted hair and acrylic eyes with feathered eyebrows.

He is made entirely of vinyl and very sturdy, he has no problem standing on his own. (And the muscles!) Clearly he is considered to be an older doll in his teens and has a slimmer body similar to Adam and Carter from Carpatina.

Very detailed hands.

And very detailed feet.

 His arms can rotate 360.


 He stands at 19.5" tall.

He is adorable. Thank you Saoirse.


  1. I have Paris and India!

  2. Oh my gosh! It's so great to see Hudson over there with you! :) im sure he'll fit right in!

  3. Adorbs! I can see the Gibb thing...

  4. You are a bad influence (kidding). I just ordered my first boy doll.

  5. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    ROTFL at the Andy Gibb comment! If you're gonna do Camp Doll Diaries this summer, maybe Hudson could be a camp counselor for Derek and Sam.

  6. Just got my Hudson on Saturday. Love him but will have to do something about his hair which is a little long at the sides. And a name-change is also needed. He has 4 designafriend sisters who think he needs a more classic name, they're thinking maybe Ben?!!! Love your blog.

    1. Does he have flicky eyes