Saturday, March 7, 2015

*In Store Report* My Life As.....

Stopped in for a quick look at my largest store, they had new dolls $27.97.

They also had the flip couch, beds, salon chairs, lockers and one snack cart.


I included the bar code because I know many are looking for the baking st and can use it for reference when checking inventory.


  1. WOW!!!! $5.00, sure wish my Walmart had deals like that!!!!

  2. Fingers crossed I can find that baking set. I checked ours and they don't even have a spot for it, but I have a trip out of town this week where I can check two others. I don't know what is wrong with ours, it's huge, but it never has anything I'm looking for. Wasted space!

  3. Here's hoping the beach-themed dolls make their way to our WalMarts over the border! I kinda love the swimsuit on the first set of dolls and would love to see it up close. I also saw online a My Life As surfer set that would go great with these beachgoers and lifeguards--but I suspect it was from a few years back. Has anyone seen one of these recently?

    Also--the $5 baking set is great! What a great deal. My middle daughter (who is all about cupcakes and sweets) would adore this little playset.

    And it was nice to get a sneak peek of the summer outfits--I'm glad they are incorporating some colours other than just pink and purple! I love bright colours and variety....