Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Antique Dolls - Horsman

This is a 1931 Horsman Buttercup doll, 16"-19" with a composition head and limbs with cloth baby body. She is dressed in a sheer dress with matching bonnet, marked:  E.I.H. Co., H © C. 

(Unfortunately this doll has been rewigged.)
1950s Horsman Ruthie doll, vinyl head with rooted braided hair, blue sleep eyes, jointed hard plastic body and limbs, The Ruthie head molds were often used on other Horsman dolls.


  1. My sister and I each had a Ruthie face mold vinyl doll when we were little. Hers had dark hair and mine had blond. Mine was in pretty bad shape, but I passed it on to my daughters, who both played with it before I finally threw it out. (Now I wish I hadn't!) I also had a Horseman drink and wet baby doll, but the water would always come back out the mouth instead of the bottom, so we called it the drink and barf doll.

  2. They're beautiful. I love a good composition doll.