Saturday, February 14, 2015

Where's Willow? Phoenix, AZ (Day Two)

First Willow, Agent Ivy Donovan (she was chosen for this assignment as Agent Jinks didn’t want to go see ‘dolls’!), and Raine all went to the newly re-located Arizona Doll and Toy museum in the Downtown Historic Glendale district.

There they were given a personal guided tour by Kathy, the Director, who was very excited to meet them and had been waiting since last month to see Willow personally.

They got to see dolls from the late 1800’s, salesmen display furniture (that fits 18” dolls perfectly), and even miniature doll rooms from Knottsberry Farm that Kathy remembered viewing as a little girl.

Raine and Willow played ‘Wash Day' with a vintage wash stand.

Agent Ivy had to keep a giant baby back from getting too close to Willow, as she was meeting Terri Lee and her brother and even miniature Terri Lee.


So, you can probably tell that Agent Ivy was not too thrilled by another giant friend, Raggedy Ann. But Willow was! And Ann was a gentle giant.


Then they came across a piano and really had some fun! Who knew both Willow and Raine were so musically inclined?!


But then, they took a short break to catch their breath…I think Raine really thinks Willow is swell.

This was before Willow spotted the dog! And had to reassure Raine he wouldn’t bite. Raine doesn’t look too sure of that, does he?

Then they discovered a complete schoolroom with a china head doll (cloth body)as the schoolmarm and the schoolchildren were also German dolls.

Notice anyone different in this pic?! Willow has a genuine love of learning.


On the way out, Kathy introduced us to a friend who shared similarities to Willow – A 2006 Battat doll that had been donated and will be for sale at this weekend’s Doll Show.

Thanks Kathy and the volunteers at the Arizona Doll and Toy Museum – we had a great time!

Lunch at ‘The Bistro’ at the New ‘Galleria’
Afterwards, the gang traveled back home to change and pick up some new friends for lunch. And this is the next adventure!

Chrissa and Bailey invited Willow out to the newly opened ‘Bistro’ at the ‘Galleria’ or shopping centre.
So, along with Agents Ivy Donovan and Graham Jinks, off they went to get a closer look at this w eating establishment.

‘The Bistro’ was created in homage to American Girl Grace Thomas, so the girls all wore their berets to fit in
with the festivities!


Meanwhile Agents Ivy and Jinks have stationed themselves on either sides of the girls – to keep an eye on the crowd. But Jinks has already encountered a pooch problem.


Jinks runs after the dog to keep it away from the girls, as he considers it a threat, but then chaos ensues!

As Jinks leaps towards the dog, he miscalculates and his roller blades slide out from under him. Falling flat, the dog springs free and joins the girls unharmed.

But the girls, Agent Ivy and even Mademoiselle Blossom all rush to poor Jinks’ side; worried he has hurt himself.

Even Frizz, Mademoiselle Blossom’s dog, who initially started all this mess, came up to give Jinks a lick on the cheek.

Ivy helped Jinks put his hat back on, as Mademoiselle Blossom helped him up, while the girls dusted off his trench coat.

The girls went back to deciding what to order, now that the crisis was over.

And lunch was delicious, all three would agree!


  1. Looks like Willow had a ton of fun! :)
    The doll museum looks super cool!

  2. Oh my goodness! What a day! I love the schoolroom!

  3. Willow sure looked cute at the desk in the schoolroom. And the Bistro looked like a lot of fun.