Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Where's Willow? Phoenix, AZ (Day 5)

Since today is President’s Day, Bailey had a great idea; she called a couple of old friends, who have a dinner theater and asked if they would like to participate in a photo shoot.

So, while Ms. Bailey was busy setting everything they needed up in one of the two stages, the actors were getting dressed in their costumes.

 She asked Ashton to be ‘Abraham Lincoln’, Willow to be ‘Betsy Ross’ and Bernadette to be ‘Harriet Tubman’. What a meeting that would have been if it had actually occurred in real life!

 Bailey asked all three while she was shooting what they liked most about President’s Day. Ashton said he like having the day off school, Bernadette said she liked the sales.

And Willow said she was grateful for our two most famous President’s George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, without whose major leadership and influence - our country wouldn’t have the freedoms it has today.

Ashton seconded that and Bernadette thirded it.

“Just a couple more shots and I think we are done”, said Bailey.

“This has been fun – I learned to appreciate more of what I have”, said Bernadette. “Me too”, replied Ashton. Willow smiles in the company of her new friends.
And that’s a wrap!

Willow and a bunch of her friends including; Bailey, Chrissa, Bernadette, Raine and Caspian, along with agents Ivy and Jinks, all went on a Moonlight Mardi Gras celebration!

The ladies all dressed in their finery – sparkly slippers and scarves, faux fur, velvet, masks, and lots of colorful hair accessories. Chrissa loaned Willow her flapper outfit from a previous party.

They saw all kinds of vendors for food, flowers and even Caspian and Raine were selling ‘Magic Flutes’!

But the temperature dipped to 66 degrees and they knew Willow had a long flight tomorrow, so it was time to “Bring
it on home”!

Meanwhile Agents Ivy and Jinks were still celebrating, not realizing their charges had already left.

“Really Graham? That’s the mask you choose?!” queries Ivy.
“Why, what’s wrong with my mask?” asks Graham. To which Ivy just turns and starts walking away. “Ivy, wait…what’s wrong with my mask?!”

“Hey, you’re My Twinn!” exclaims Bailey, looking at Chrissa and Willow’s pj’s.

“Well, I think we are just American Girls!”, retorts Chrissa

“Yea, living in Our Generation”, adds Willow, to which they all laugh!

“What has been the best part of traveling for you Willow?’ asks Chrissa.

To which Willow, replies, “Getting to meet all the great people and families I have gotten to stay with. And to see all the important places in the United States that most people don’t know about or get to see for themselves”.

“Yea, I’ll bet. But, we are sure gonna miss you here, at our house”, said Bailey.

“I’m truly going to miss you all too”, replies Willow.

So this ends the chapter of this journey. Thank you for following along.
Take care ^_^,
Shosy G


  1. 2 of the masks were made by me you must have bought them at vally of sun doll show in oct. glad to see willow is having such a good time in AZ love the photos

  2. I think even President Lincoln himself would be amused with the red moustache. The Mardi Gras masks are lots of fun! What a creative day!

  3. Makes me want to travel more and see all the sites and meet interesting people. I'm sure Willow had a great time!!!!