Wednesday, February 11, 2015

*REVIEW* A Girl For All Time - Lydia, Your Georgian Girl

This is a great review by Sheryl. 
 A Girl For All Time


  1. What a WONDERFUL post. It's precisely something like this, something so heartfelt and thoughtful and admiring of a doll, that makes me happy in a way few other things can.

    That doll is lovely, and the dress is stunning. I am so happy you have found in yourself a love of something so special. It is a kind of "secret society" for adults, but you are not alone. You are welcome and celebrated here, because we too understand. The "little girl" inside of us has never really gone away, and I take it as a blessing (mostly).

    Thank you for this!

  2. I don't think I can top Laurie's comment, but I completely agree! We all have that certain doll line or lines that captivate us and it's great to hear your thoughts on this one as well as your daughter's interpretation. I also have two little girls and just love "playing dolls" with them. It's a wonderful hobby! :)

  3. Sheri, what a wonderful article! You write as good as you design doll clothes and patterns. I'm 57 and only a few years ago gave myself permission to "play with dolls" again. My "play" is to research and create historical outfits. My girls are all Madame A and AG . . until now, I just ordered Matilda. when I was a teen, I loved researching Henry VIII and his wives. I couldn't resist getting this girl. Hopefully more patterns will come out for that era . :-)