Tuesday, February 10, 2015

*Opening* Disney Animator Collection - Kristoff

Kristoff is...well...adorable!

He is so much more cuter out of the box where you can see his hair and eyes in the light.  

He has freckles and big brown puppy dog eyes. His cute hair cut is molded plastic.

I love his clothes. The shirt and pants are fleece, the vest is more of a brushed cloth similar to velvet and trimmed in faux fur. The neck is embroidered, but the sash/belt is ribbon. 

The boots are rubber with a slit in back, he has no socks and the faux leather gloves are removable.

His head pivots like the other animator dolls: up, down, side to side, with tilting angles.

Sven is Bosley's toy, but he let me borrow him for pictures.  

Kristoff makes a great boy doll addition to your existing collection without having to customize. Keep in mind his hair is molded plastic. I think he would be a great doll for any boy, but he is so cute the girls will love him as well.


  1. Is his outfit permanently attached aside from the gloves?

    1. The clothing is completely removable. He wears painted blue underwear.

  2. Kristoff is quite adorable. :)
    (Although not as adorable as Bosley. Man, that dog is CUTE.)

    1. Thank you Ellie. He is my precious little boy :-)

  3. He is so cute!!! I think I might have to save some space in my luggage for him! :)