Thursday, February 12, 2015

*In Store Report* Spring Releases AGP St. Louis

Vanessa stopped in to see the new spring releases and sends in this report from the St. Louis store.

My daughter has a BB so we had to check out the section. The carousel outfit was adorable enough and they had a lot of sales on different items.

 The PWP was super cute.  

 I fell in love with the garden set so much I bought it and I only planned to get Samantha a few things.

The shimmer and lace dress is okay enough. It reminds me of a cousin's room in the early '90s and some of my grandma's decor color scheme at that same time. Then again, the '90s seems to be back in style and since AG does their research I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of that color in the spring time.

Online I didn't like Julie's dress much, but in person, it's pretty darn cute! One of the associates admitted that most of the colors aren't accurate, but the style is and the color appeals to girls in the targeted age range. So that's good! I think it's adorable in person and a must have for any Julie collector. The sandals are nice.

 The stage make up set was a part of the Limited Edition set last year.

When I saw Rebecca's outfit in person I really didn't like it at all. Initially when I saw it online I wasn't so sure and didn't want to make a rash judgement. 

 I noticed some of the sets that were released last spring were broken up and renamed, like Kit's Candy making set is now Kit's Homemade Sweets and Kit's Springtime outfit. I just realized I didn't see her new photography outfit! 

That chicken with LE outfit is soooo adorable. I wish it was sold separately. 


Thank you Vanessa. An added piece of info, the Boston store, DC and St. Louis stores DO NOT have the gazebo on the floor due to online backorder date - March 13 as of the time of this post. 


  1. Eek! I am so excited! I am going tomorrow morning! If I have time, Rhonda, and if you need any more, I will take more pictures and submit them to the blog. I really want to sleep right now, the sooner you go to sleep and wake up the sooner you get there, but I wanna stay up! Lol.

  2. Oh, I ADORE Samantha's new flower picking dress and coat/hat! Just love 'em!

  3. Excuse me, I noticed that the High-low hem dress for girls, the Kaya one, is sold out in sizes 16 and 14. Do you have any idea if AG is going to restock? The dress is just so cute!
    Thanks in advance.
    - American Girl Doll Artist