Sunday, February 22, 2015

American Girl School Ideas - 1970s

If you follow Julie Newman's 70s Time Capsule blog, you are familiar with Springfield Elementary School. I love this school because it is very similar to my elementary school from the late 70s. There are great ideas to inspire your own doll scenes.

School bus.

Miss Mimi LaSalle, teacher.

Lunch room, cafeteria.

Tether ball!


School gym, during a school dance.

Kickball Diamond





  1. Cute! It also remembers my own school and yes, it was back in the 70's too. And hey, you have Alexis o Shea, I have been looking at this doll for quite a while. I really like her. Yours looks really cute.

  2. I see crissy at the school gym I never thought to put her in my displays very cute

  3. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    Yay! Hey thanks for posting this, Rhonda. The school segments of my blog are a lotta fun to do. Thankfully, portions of my house work weel for making school. The auditorium stage is the coffee table in my living room, and really does sit in front of that window. It looks just like the stage in the auditorium of my grade school in the 70s. The playground is my backyard, (no grass), and since it's cement, it's perfect for a school playground. The tether ball and basketball hoop is just stacked paper towel tubes duck taped together, w/ ribbon, and cardboard, the rim of a party cup and netting from some erasers I got. The school bus is just TV lap trays standing on their sides w/ pillowcases over them and a background I printed. The lunchroom were those same TV trays and a blanket, w/ cutouts from the weekly grocery supplement. The lunchboxes were purchased on Amazon and Ebay.

    I hope you enjoy the pictures!

  4. Sharry, I always love your scenes! You are very creative!

  5. Really cute! Love the kickball scene and assebly stage with the American flag.

  6. Wow, that is adorable!

  7. One of my favorite blogs to read! I always end up laughing at the adventures that Julie and her friends have, takes me back to my own childhood.