Saturday, January 24, 2015

*REVIEW* Disney Classic Friends - Mickey Mouse

Let's face it - I LOVE DOLLS!
If a doll catches my eye, I'll buy it. I have seen and heard a lot about the Disney Animator Toddler dolls and found these two at TRU. I bought the Mickey Mouse doll for $15.

This doll has a sweet and innocent expression. She stands 16" tall and is made entirely of hard vinyl.

Her head pivots left and right, her arms can move 360-degrees and her legs can do the splits!

Her rooted hair is brown with auburn highlights. A painted face and rooted hair with a durable all vinyl body allows this doll to be fully submerged in water, taken to the pool, the bathtub or the beach.

Her body is slim, she is not able to wear any 18" doll clothing. She may be able to wear BFC Ink clothes, but definitely you will have to sew your own outfits for this doll or allow her to share with the other animator dolls.

I think these toddler dolls are adorable and great for doll play, they are durable which makes them a perfect first doll for younger children. Personally I just feel happier seeing this smiling face. She is not part of the Disney Animator Princess Collection, but she is still considered an animator doll.

Disney Animator Collection has 5" minis so your dolls can have their own dolls. $19.95 sold only at the Disney Store.

If you collect Disney Princess Toddler dolls and want mini dolls for them, the 6" Petite Princess dolls are also available at TRU.


Sets $19.99

 Don't forget the 16" My First Disney Princess  Sofia Toddler Doll. She is not an animator doll, but she is similar in nature. 



  1. Ok, I know this is irellivant to the point of this post, but I was just watching some reaction to beforever videos, yes I sort of live in the past lol, and I was reading some comments and most of them were from adults. They were all basically complaining about how they hate what they're doing to the company, or, my least favorte one, they're ruining the company and 'destroying' ' everything, but they have to remember that american girl is especially for little girls, and they did this change to the line to celebrate girls. Now, being a little girl myself,(12), I love the line. They have to remember that american girl is not all about the collectors, as they have to make things that sell. So they made beforever so girls could be more imaginative while playing with their dolls, and that seems to be working pretty well. Excuse my rant, even though it is totally off topic, I just wanted to remind some of you doll collectors out there that us girls havent been around long enough to know how ag portrayed Samantha, Molly, Kirsten, Felicity, Kit, etc. to be, and we enjoy the beforever line and all of the colors and the teal, yellow, pink, (even though I am not particularly a fan of pink), purple, etc. and AG isnt going to stay the same forever. Thanks for reading my extra long comment if you did lol. :D

  2. we have a few of the small 6" Toddler Princesses from TRU, including that Rapunzel pictured
    and the legs are always popping off...they go back on, but my daughter doesn't like them for that reason....they swivel oddly....I noticed they redesigned the faces this year...but not sure about the leg problem... totally cute though! ;)