Thursday, January 15, 2015

Target to Close All 133 Stores - Canada

The retailer announced that it will discontinue its Canadian operations to stem massive financial losses that went as high as a billion dollars a year. The U.S.-based company expanded into the country about two years ago.

Courtesy : Shana
 Sadly this will impact doll fans who purchase Our Generation items. I imagine the OG items will go fast! Run to Target if you live in Canada.


  1. Very disappointing. Though I understand their reasons, it is sad to see the og products, and the many other products target offered go. Not to mention the many jobs that will be lost. I think people were expecting it to be like the targets in America, but the prices here were higher. It is too bad, but I am glad we still have a company as wonderful as maplelea around. I would highly recommend their beautiful products!

  2. I can't say that I am surprised, especially if they treat their Canadian customers like they do here. I love the OG stuff, but I don't love Target, I wish another retailer would pick up this line or better yet, they (Battat) sell it on their own!

  3. Rhonda would you like to host one of my dolls

  4. I'm so bummed to hear Target isn't doing well. The two Target stores near me (US) are wonderful and I always have fantastic service here. I'm sorry to hear they are not all like that.

    1. Yes, it is disappointing. I always had great, fast serivce at my store, and I am sad to see it go.

  5. It's not surprising the shelves were always empty and not refilled when the flyers came out. There will be a lot of jobs lost which is very sad. You can get our generation at Mastermind toys which is great! Maplelea items are awesome too!

  6. I was saddened by this decision. I am Canadian and I really like my Target! My first thoughts were I'd loose a great place to get clothing for my DD (and even for me!), and that it'll be hard to get OG stuff (a bookstore in the area started selling them for Christmas, but the prices go much higher for the same items...). There used to be the Hearts for Hearts dolls I'd get there too, but they've stopped carrying them this summer, so that was already lost...

  7. It's always sad to hear about a store closing. I live near 5 Targets (US) and really like them much better than Walmart. Still good prices, nice staff, and quality merchandise. I do understand that chains do not always have the same service - the Walmarts in my area are vastly different - the Target's much more stable.

    Question...the stores are closing, but does that mean won't ship to Canada? If that is still an option...

  8. We can still get Our Generation stuff here in Canada, folks! Check out Mastermind Toys--they carry the line and it is quite extensive! All of the new stuff including the retro diner and cruiser!

    And, no I don't think Target US ships to Canada. Not many Canadians would bother anyways even if the option were available--even if they did ship, the price would be ridiculous--cost more than a doll. Wouldn't be worth it unless you are putting in a really BIG order....

    But Mastermind Toys is Canadian, carries Our Generation, provides online shopping and ships for free in Canada if you spend $60 or more.

    Turns out in my research that I learned that Our Generation (Battat) are actually Canadian-designed toys. Battat is Montreal-located, but all toys are made in China, so the manufactured products are still from overseas.