Thursday, January 1, 2015

*In Store Report* GOTY 2015 Grace Debut - AGP St Louis

Heather and her family have pictures from the St. Louis store!

WOW look at that line!

WOW! This will give you an idea of how HUGE this Bakery is!

Cookie decorating area - Heart and Eiffel Tower sugar cookies.

A BIG thank you to Heather for these amazing pictures from St. Louis!!


  1. Are the cookies free?

  2. Awesome! That's the store I went to last summer! Its cool seeing Grace setup in the store. Im hoping to go again this summer.
    P.S. Im FINALLY sending my dollhouse pictures tonight. (I got a sinus infection last week so thats why it took so long D:) So check your inbox!

  3. I decided to go with my daughter today instead of tomorrow to AGP Denver, because my oldest needed me tomorrow. Spur-of-the-moment but I knew I wanted some of her clothes. We ended up bringing Grace home. I love the innocence of dolls!

  4. I wonder if this is the same Heather who makes the awesome vidoes on Youtube of her great doll collection? If not, the pictures are really detailed and it makes me want the bakery even more. It does remind me of the late Julia Child kithcen who also studied in Paris and minored in History...hence the connection to AG beginnings. I hope someone discusses Grace's hair in detail. Some people are saying that her wig is really thin and her bangs are dry. I hope that is not the case and that people are able to get good ones.

  5. These are great photos. Makes me want to get to an AGP this year. *sighs* or any year. The Bakery is tto big for me, but other parts of her collection will be fun to add.