Thursday, January 22, 2015

*In Store Report* OG Aisle + Pricing - Mastermind Toys (Canada)

First of all a HUGE THANK YOU to Robin and her daughter for making the trip to Mastermind Toys and bringing back this in store report on the Our Generation aisle.

I'm a reader from Canada and my eldest daughter and I happened to stop into my local Mastermind Toys yesterday to check out the Our Generation stuff. I was specifically on the hunt for Holiday Harper (reg $29.99, now on sale for $14.99) and here are some pics from our excursion.

We saw lots of goodies--the shelves were quite stocked with dolls, clothes, accessories and shoes. Very nicely displayed, especially after the disappointment of the Target selection. (We went to Target immediately after (the stores are across from one another) and the only stock they had was two outfits, a single doll and a scooter. :( ) Brooke was particularly taken with Evelyn in the Limelight. 

Anyways, we talked with the staff and they had just sold out of Harper (can still get her on sale online) but mentioned how they would continue to offer the line. Pleased to hear it!

In fact, in some of my digging, I learned that Battat is Montreal-based and the dolls are actually Canadian-designed (although manufactured overseas). Interesting! 

They even had the retro cruiser (top shelf). We were also looking for the kitchen but did not see it (didn't see it on the website either). But there were a lot of the new and retro outfit items. 

Prices ranged from basic dolls at $29.99 to deluxe dolls at $49.99. Outfits are from $14.99 to $19.99 and smaller accessories ranged from $9.99 to $22.99. They did stock horses, salon chairs and scooters. I did not see the elusive laundrey.

Robin also painstakingly gathered online pricing for the entire OG line at Mastermind Toys! Definitely not a small project. Thank you so much for your research and this price list!

Basic dolls - $29.99
Outfits - $14.99
Shoes - $9.99
Deluxe outfits - $19.99
Mini dolls - $12.99
Deluxe dolls - $49.99 (which is quite the jump from the basics, given US prices)
Small accessories (purses, sunglasses) sets - $9.99
Scooter - $37.99
20 inch horse - $44.99
14 inch foal - $27.99
Jeep - $49.99
Salon chair - $32.99
Clip-on chair - $27.99
Large accessory (Rock n’ Sweet Hair Styling set, tea party, picnic playsets, sleeping bag set, etc.) - $22.99
Owl Be Relaxing Bathtub set - $29.99
Vintage Pink Cruiser - $129.99

The Bite to Eat diner shows up on the website, but is apparently not currently available for online purchase. I didn’t see it in store (or at least not my local one) either. It lists the price as $179.99

Mastermind Toys is also carrying some American Girl activity sets:
Doll Art Studio Book - $31.50
Doll Star Activity Book - $25.99
Doll School Activity Book - $25.99
Doll Tees Felt Fashions Activity Book- $29.99
Doll Dining Activity Book - $21.95
Doll Travel Activity Book - $25.95


  1. Now those are stocked shelves! :) It's nice to see all the variety. The retro cruiser is adorable.

  2. I wish we had a Mastermind Toys store here! I'm getting frustrated with the constantly low stocked Target stores around here. They have not been restocked in two months. :(