Friday, January 16, 2015

*In Store Report* New OG Sets - Including Retro!

A visit to Target to see what's new...
There's a new wave of Retro items hitting stores, including accessories. They're super cute and limited. My store had two of each. (RUN don't walk!)

A new Grace inspired outfit....


This set comes with macarons and tarts.

New Retro accessories!

Jackie O Retro!

Abrianna is back!!


  1. I really like the 'Floral Invitation' outfit. Too bad there isn't Target in the UK!

  2. Abrianna IN a store - I'm shocked!

    By the by, the tea set is a good purchase option with a lot of play/pose value. The macarons and tarts are lovely.

  3. I have both the Tea for Two and the Well Traveled Luggage Set. They are great! The only thing that could be better is that the toothbrush does not fit in the toothbrush holder in the luggage set.

  4. Cute retro dresses! You are so right about running and not walking lol

  5. I noticed some of these things (not all) in stock on the website now too.

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    1. OMG! Love the roller set. I will look for it soon.

    2. I want the Abrianna doll, but cannot find her in my Target and she is sold out online. :(

  7. I love the Jackie O retro set. If you see the striped black and white coat, you need it for Julie. The luggage set is terrific. And the blue lace dress hasn't even been put on our dolls yet. Now where did that outfit go???

  8. Love, love, love the Check this Out outfit and the Aloha I Love You accessories. Must look for them!

    I am still undecided about the tea set. Too many pieces I wouldn't use (I really like my ceramic sets), but also a bunch I might.

    Amaya's review has renewed my interest in the travel set.

    As for the other outfits...they are very nice, but I'm not thrilled with the new soft shoes. :(

    Abrianna is gorgeous!

  9. All of that has been at my local Target store since November. Same with Abrianna. The first outfit you showed is actually the meet outfit of Anaya, who is one of the new African American dolls. It is also sold separately.

  10. Got the Well Travelled Luggage Set for my daughter for Christmas (as well as a cute little beach tote complete with water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen and two seashells). Lots of little accessories in the Luggage Set and Brooke loved examining them all and then putting them back in the suitcase (which closes well--doesn't stick and looks like the lock-edge won't break any time soon either) and then pretending her Newberry dolls were going on vacation....

    Lots of playable fun with these accessory packs! Love them!

  11. Those retro items are darling! I've never seen them as I live in Vancouver BC and am so deprived. However I did get the luggage set last Dec and it is super cute!