Wednesday, January 14, 2015

DIY Grace's French Bistro Table

Hobby Lobby

You can make your own standing menu using a candle stick holder, wooden dowel or foil tube - then glue it onto a base. The base can be made from a jar lid, cardboard circle or wood piece. Using a rectangle piece of cardboard, glue a plastic picture frame (dollar store) or a craft foam sheet cut out onto the rectangle. Paint it all aqua. You can glue a black menu piece inside the inset of the frame.

If you already own the NOLA courtyard set, you can use it for your bistro scene. The aqua color will fit right into Grace's color scheme. 


Hobby Lobby had these wooden folding tables in the Spring section. Four colors.

Or use a DIY version by gluing a table together.
Table: Use a circular piece out of cardboard, foam board or wood. Marbleize it with paint, scrapbook paper or contact paper.
 Stand: use a wooden dowel or foil tube, paint it black.
Base: metal hot plate, decorative garden stepping stone or rubber step mats.

Food items are always fun to make using sculpey clay or polymer clay. Use existing plates, glasses and utensils. Faux fruit can be found at the dollar store or Hobby Lobby. 

Small glass jars and bottles are at Hobby Lobby. 

Linda found metal wire garden chairs at Hobby Lobby and bought two orange ones.

She also found a cart.

She said the cart is a bit large scale.
But the chairs are a great fit.

After she told me about her finds, I stopped into my Hobby Lobby and found both yellow and blue chairs (no orange :-( sad face).


Given the options, I bought one blue chair.

They also have 14" tall Eiffel Towers. 

Good luck dear friends on your DIY project!!!!


  1. What kind of table did you use with your hobby lobby spring chair?

  2. It was a wooden table that came with two nice wooden chairs that I bought at a garage sale for $5.00. It had no label on it. You could use a candle stick holder and use a wooden disc or old CD or Cool Whip top, or cut a round circle out of card board or foam board to use as the table top..