Saturday, December 6, 2014

Where's Willow? - Denver CO (Day 4)

Today Willow toured part of downtown Denver.  The first stop was at Molly Brown's Victorian House.  Who was Margaret "Molly" Brown?  She was the most famous survivor of the Titanic in 1912.  After she assisted many people into Lifeboat  No. 6, she demanded that the lifeboat be returned to ship to look for more survivors.  Molly was also a strong advocator for poor children, coal miners, and women.  She ran for political office at a time when most of the United States did not allow women to vote. For more information, is a good site.

Molly Brown

The Molly Brown House does not allow photography inside the home.  So Willow volunteered to have her picture taken in the front window.

This building is the original carriage house for Molly Brown. It is now used as a ticket office and gift shop for the house tours. Willow is standing next to a Molly Brown doll. Willow is wearing AG Samantha's new meet dress and her old meet hat, which matches her new dress well.

Another picture of the carriage house.  Historic teas, Titanic lessons, and other fun events are held upstairs.

Willow and I then drove past the state capitol building, about three blocks away from Molly's house. The gold dome at the Capitol has recently been re-done with gold from Florence, Italy.  One of the steps you see is marked with a sign that says, "You are exactly one mile above sea level". That's 5280 feet! The mountains are 14,000 feet above sea level.

Here is the United States Mint, one of four places in the United States where coins are made. The Mint does give free tours, but security is very strict. The Mint is also close to Molly's house in downtown Denver.
Willow and Caroline will be having some holiday fun tomorrow before Willow leaves for her next stop in Colorado.

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  1. There was a lovely write up about the Molly Brown house and a couple of other nice tea rooms in TeaTime Magazine in 2013. It looks nice. It's too bad you can't even take non-flash photos inside, but if they did you never know when someone would slip and use the flash. :(