Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Where's Willow? - Denver, CO (Day 1)

Willow has arrived in Colorado!  It is a bit chilly here in Denver, but no snow on the ground. 

Willow was greeted warmly by Caroline and was told not to peek in the American Girl bag by the Christmas tree.  

There is a present for Willow to unwrap at home in the bag!  

Caroline thought Willow might be chilly, so Willow changed into some warmer clothes for her stay.  Willow is now getting ready for a full day of adventure tomorrow, and will soon be going to sleep after drinking some hot chocolate!


  1. So cool! I was in Denver once, but only in an airport for a connecting flight back home. One day I might go there.

  2. Willow looks so cozy in her warm clothes with a hot cocoa!

  3. My time in Denver is relegated to the airport too. I got a great picture of Melody in a seating area that was small and stone lined. Looked awesome.