Monday, December 15, 2014

Gotz Candace & Paige (Marie Grace) - Comparison

It was brought to my attention when I bought Candace (Elizabeth Cady Stanton) that she resembled Marie Grace. I decided to do a comparison.

Side by side they are very different. Paige's eyes are more gray in color and there are differernces in eyebrows. As a Gotz doll, Candace's nose and mouth are different than AG.

 Hair color and length are different, but both dolls have good quality (equal) silky hair.

As you can see Candace is taller and has a larger frame than Paige. The profiles are very different, Candace has a larger forehead.

Candace has more life like ears.


Both dolls different face molds than my other dolls which I love! It adds variety to my collection.  


  1. Candace has a very unique look. I really like her face!

  2. I love Marie Grace's Eyes and face, I am really hoping for a MYAG that looks like her.