Monday, December 29, 2014

GOTY 2015 Grace - French Bakery Bistro

The GOTY 2015 books ( description ) are available for pre-order on AMAZON and full of hints about her collection. I have begun prepping the bakery for mini Grace.

Since Grace travels to Paris in Book One, I thought I would post photos of La Madeleine where we had dinner. It may encourage some creativity since it's rumored Grace's HUGE red and aqua La Patisserie is $500. If that's out of your budget you may want to start making plans to build your own.

Inside are glass cases filled with delectable desserts and french breads. Every Patisserie needs a stove for baking bread!


For bakery purchases, you can make or buy small 2x3" bags from Dollar Tree and chalk board tags for your menu.

The atmosphere is warm with intimate tables and earthen woods.

 A collection of rolling pins hangs on the wall.

Hobby Lobby has a package of three rolling pins 6.75" long for doll bakeries.

Here is our table by the hearth. The black bistro tables outside were closed due to COLD weather.

I hope this inspires you on your French Patisserie/Bistro project!


  1. Ooh! Will you create a tutorial of how to make the bakery? Also, those pastries look delicious! xD


  2. am sooooo excited about Grace, I was going to order her Jan 1st but I am going to wait til I go to the store in Feb, but your posts are making me wish it was already here!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Are you planning on getting GOTY 2015? (I'm not, but I think she's cute.)

    1. Of course! Wait til you see the catalog pictures...she is adorable and her collection is amazing. The photography is terrific.

    2. Did you get the official catalog already? I wish they would ship it to brazil.. Can you make a video showing it?

    3. I do not have a catalog. I have seen the catalog with Grace's collection, but can not post. I know we are all VERY EXCITED, it's only a day away now. Trust me you will LOVE everything! The cover is cute!