Tuesday, December 2, 2014

DIY - Kirsten's Pottery Set

Many long time readers know Kirsten is near and dear to my heart. Part of her collection is rare to find on the secondary market and when you do stumble upon a nice piece it is expensive. I have seen Kirsten's Pottery Set and Holiday set sell for $125+. If you find one at $95 chances are there are missing or damaged pieces.

Kirsten’s Pottery Set

Everything in this set is like the tableware that the Larson family had:
  • Real stoneware dishes and wooden bowls: the pottery is a reproduction of an early folk art design, with a little cobalt bluebird on each piece, and the plates are edged in a traditional spongeware pattern
  • Complete service for two, including plates, mugs, wooden bowls, a pitcher, knives, forks, spoons, a woven table runner, and napkins

 I'm making my own today! 

I found this kit at Dollar General.

I used only two plates and the small pitcher. I am looking for small wooden bowls and taller cups to complete the set.


  1. As an fyi, I bought a set of Kirsten's dishes that had a few chips and with some modelling clay and my oven, I was able to patch them up. One had a broken handle (but the handle was included) and I was able to reattach it with the clay. The stoneware can handle the oven at the clay temperatures and then just a little bit of paint to match it to the background of the original and you have an almost new set.

    Those are pretty good replicas though!

  2. Good Job! They look amazing!

    1. Thanks - I can't afford the inflated prices LOL.

  3. Looks great, Rhonda! Good idea to use those kits like that.

  4. Those look amazing! Great job Rhonda! I'm sure your Kirsten will be very happy with them!
    ~ Maria