Saturday, November 8, 2014

Where's Willow? - Pennsylvania (Day 2)

Nonna said since I liked Hedgesville Library so much that we should go see the library in Phoenixville.

Nora and Kiki wanted me to look fabulous so they fixed my hair for me!

Don't worry it's just a wig!

Here's me out in front of the Phoenixville Public Library!

Nonna says that the Phoenixville Public Library is one of less than 1,000 libraries that received grants from Andrew Carnegie that is still being used as a library!  The building was completed in 1902 but Phoenixville has had a library since 1896.  

Me in the Carnegie Room on the original fireplace mantel...

and the whole room!

Nonna says this is the original part of the library.  It once had a domed roof that allowed natural light to filter in for the best reading conditions.  Everything behind the fireplace is new!  Ok, Nonna says the back part has been there a long time but it's not original.  There's even a fancy children's library downstairs (Nonna says it use to be in the basement but with the edition, now we call it downstairs).

This mural greets children as they enter!

Nonna knows the children's librarian.  She let me take a picture with all the library friends on her shelf! 

Look, it's Max and Ruby! (Who else can you see?)

Oh, I almost forgot!  Phoenixville Public Library is haunted too!  They made Buzzfeed's top ten list!
 Tomorrow we're going to go see the Town Center (also known as downtown).  I can't wait!


  1. What a beautiful library! Did you see the lady with the bustle, Willow?

    1. Apparently the bustle lady is only seen in the attic and they don't let patrons up there. Most of the staff refuse to go up there so no, Willow did not get to see her. :)

  2. Willow's adventures are just wonderful.

  3. I LOVE the pink wig. Pink hair may be my favorite color of hair. :)

    1. I know! Right? I may have to get a doll just to wear this hair!

  4. Gorgeous library! I spy The Cat in the Hat, Babar, Clifford, and the Lorax. :)